• Echo of the Dreamer
    Echo of the Dreamer Memories are the precious treasures that make our hearts sing and comfort us on a bad day.
  • Story Pins
    Story Pins Margie believes the inspirational stories on her pins are gifts given to her to share. "It's my wish that they will be something special to give yourself or those you love," says Margie.
  • Allen
    Allen Carpenter turned artist, so tired of making & painting uninteresting stuff. I feel a special affinity for long ago people who one day imagined a simple beauty in everyday items
  • Bags
  • Watches
  • Cases
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    Love, Live, Hope (Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon) Scarf

    Vibrant pink Breast Cancer Scarf - message of love, life, and hope. ...

    Price : $150.00
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    Handpainted Horse razor

    Razor sculpted as horse: Shave and horse around while holding your horses! ...

    Price : $65.00
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    Whiskey Garden

    6in x 7in Kisslock antique bronze cutout frame. Leather covered with brown satin and black lace. Beaded & embroidered ...

    Price : $200.00
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    Hot & Cold Sterling Silver Cuff Links

    Sterling Silver Golf Bags by Great Falls ...

    Price : $200.00

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