• Echo of the Dreamer
    Echo of the Dreamer Memories are the precious treasures that make our hearts sing and comfort us on a bad day.
  • Story Pins
    Story Pins Margie believes the inspirational stories on her pins are gifts given to her to share. "It's my wish that they will be something special to give yourself or those you love," says Margie.
  • Allen
    Allen Carpenter turned artist, so tired of making & painting uninteresting stuff. I feel a special affinity for long ago people who one day imagined a simple beauty in everyday items
  • Bags
  • Watches
  • Cases
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    Feathered Beauty Wristlet by Pizazz

    Feathered wrist-lets has silk flowers ...

    Price : $550.00
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    Black & Silver Venetian Mask

    NOLA MADE: Venetian black and silver mask ...

    Price : $215.00
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    Desert Heart Charmed Watch

    Created utilizing the washed out colors of a sun bleached desert. ...

    Price : $300.00
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    Pussy Willow Earrings

    This beautiful Pussy Willow Necklace is cast in bronze from a real pussy willow plant, finished with a brown patina and ...

    Price : $150.00

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